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Minnesota Communities Uses the Following Criteria to Evaluate New Residents.

Minnesota Communities requires a resident’s background check before moving into any of our communities. The community owner will decide regarding­­ your application for residency within fourteen (14) days of receiving a completed application form unless we give you a written explanation of the reasons for any delay.

The following are the criteria for obtaining community approval for residency. "You" refers to all those who are applying for residency in the community.

  • All adult persons who will reside in the home must complete an application for residency, and all persons who will reside at the home, including children, must be identified on the application.

  • A copy of the purchase agreement and safety disclosure form furnished to the applicant(s) by the resident must be furnished to the community together with the residency application, for the application to be considered.

  • You must provide the community with the following documents:

           1. A copy of the purchase agreement and safety disclosure form that the resident has given you

           2. The residency application

           3. Proof of income

  • You must be truthful on your application.

  • You must cooperate with the community owners, managers, and residents during the application process.

  • Your credit history must reflect promptness of payment.

  • You agree to abide by the community lease and all community rules and regulations.

  • You must pay a security deposit in the amount currently in effect.

  • Everyone applying must personally interview with the community managers. All lot rent must be paid up to date, and the security deposit paid in full, before the application for residency will be finalized.

  • You must, as a condition of eligibility, possess the ability, to live independently. The ability to live independently is the ability, either in conjunction with available support services or otherwise, to maintain yourself and your home in a manner that is not detrimental to either your own safety and personal wellbeing, or to the safety or wellbeing of other residents.

  • All homes brought into the community and all homes being sold within the community must be well maintained and neat in appearance, in accordance with the community standards. These standards include, but are not limited to, requirements that the home not have broken, rotten or discolored siding; that the home is equipped with skirting which matches the home; and that the windows be in place, have no broken glass, and have screens if so equipped.

     The community Owner may also deny an application if you:

  • Have a prior unlawful detainer judgment (Eviction History)

  • Have felony conviction in the State of Minnesota or elsewhere, Unless

          1. The felony conviction is related to prior instances of substance abuse AND you have a certificate of completion from a reputable treatment program.

          2. The felony conviction is related to damage of property where no assault against another individual.

          3. The felony conviction was for a crime of unintentional bodily harm to another while driving a motorized vehicle while impaired by alcohol and the conviction occurred more than 10 years ago.

          4. The felony conviction was for a crime of a non-violent nature not related to a drug offense

  • You are a convicted sex offender

  • You have a credit score of less than 650

  • You are a convicted child abuser

  • You have had a drug conviction within the last 5 years

  • You have a take-home pay of less than $1,500 per month. For purposes of this application, take-home pay shall be defined as gross monthly income less federal and state taxes.

  • The monthly payments on the manufactured home exceed 35% of your net monthly take-home pay.

  • You have negative credit references

      The community owner will request driving violations, criminal history, and a credit bureau report, and such other information as the community owner deems appropriate to verify the information contained in the application. 

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